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Gamescom 2019: Improving revenue potential with DCB


Centili Team


28 Aug 2019


Amidst consolidation and domination of big names, platforms and publishers, this year’s Gamescom saw significant traction in mobile payments, essential in monetization of games. The leading European gaming event was held in Cologne, Germany, 20 - 24 August.

Centili experts Rafal NowakAdrian Cot and Lazar Pasajlic focused their Gamescom conversations on carrier billing, consulting on the hows of monetization over carriers globally.

Monetization in Asia remains a strong point of interest for game developers and publishers. There’s an understanding that it’s an entirely different gaming world, requiring a careful approach and lots of local knowledge, ranging from understanding local gaming communities to navigating regulation, integration and local business culture.

-In countries where penetration of credit cards is low, companies are turning to carrier billing as a method which can enable them to improve their revenue potential. Besides large coverage, single integration remains among top capabilities needed from DCB partners such as Centili, Adrian Cot of Paris noted.