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Interview with CEO Zoran Vasiljev: By understanding the frictions in industry we can grow


Centili Team


10 Sep 2020


In a recent interview, Centili Group CEO Zoran Vasiljev shared his business journey with the UK’s BizClick Media editor and writer William Girling, opening up about various aspects of the company and its leadership, and explaining how Centili is assessing the market for its next opportunity for digital disruption.

An in-depth article published in their Technology Magazine and Mobile World Magazine, as well as in their FinTech Magazine covers Centili in great depth with Zoran giving perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the digital investment industry while sharing what made him recognise Centili as the next step in his career.

COVID-19 lockdown period, that followed quickly after he assumed duties as CEO in March 2020, set a clear vision for the company to navigate in times of disruption.

–Companies can often spend so long fixating on the trends of today that they forget about the potential innovations of tomorrow. Centili is a company which manages to reconcile both perspectives; a fast-paced tech company with its finger on the pulse and its eyes on the future, Zoran said.

Driving the future of the company is its ‘Shifting Gears’ growth strategy, an ambitious reimagining of Centili aimed at progressing the company beyond being a payment gateway and towards being a true digital orchestrator.

– What are the pain points in gaming, video and music?” he asks. “What are the pain points in entertainment, FinTech and ePublishing? By understanding the frictions that exist in these industries and resolving them with our service offerings and platforms, Centili can build trust, relevance and become a ‘go-to’ company.”

He also discusses micropayments as another innovation championed by Centili that turns its focus to gaming industries or emerging markets where large swathes of the population might not even have a bank account.

–There's a great role for us in the industry because we recognise and cater to these niches with services. Real financial inclusion is about being part of the process and recognising that, Zoran said.