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Why investing in cyber security pays off, and how we at Centili do it


Kashif Haq



27 May 2021

For tech companies around the world, cybersecurity has been the focus in the past few years. The pandemic only enhanced the urgency for fortifying the security strategies, but the need for internal education and the highest security standards was nothing new. 

At Centili, we are proud to have Centili Forte, a comprehensive internal security programme. It is a series of practices aimed at improving security and privacy across our global organisation.  

Hacking threats are more than real

Even the most secure organisations in the world can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The risk of data theft, ransomware, privacy violations, and hacking is perpetual for any person and organisation operating in the digital realm. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic and the surge in remote work which followed, it became even more pressing to invest in cybersecurity practices and protect sensitive business and personnel data across the organisations. Millions of people working from home – outside of the corporate office safety - opened additional space for scams and data theft. 

Since March 2020, there was a 300 per cent increase in reported cyber-crimes[1], phishing is up 600 per cent[2], and ransomware attacks have increased by 148 per cent[3]. Thestudy by Keepnet Labs shows that target opens 48 per cent of phishing emails and 31 per cent of those clicking on the link or attachment in the mail. 

Lately, there was a spread of malicious emails looking like a Microsoft service has sent them. Even our employees reported receiving MS Teams notifications, important quarantine emails, and missing voicemail. These are attempts to compromise user accounts and steal information. Cyber attackers often use urgency as a tactic to manipulate their recipients.  

Centili Forte: Building a bullet-proof security posture

At Centili, we believe that we must approach security regularly and consistently. Since last year, we run the Centili Forte programme – a series of newsletters and training activities that aim to improve the awareness of threats and develop a bullet-proof security posture. 

We are putting a lot of thought into designing Centili Forte communications, making them both effortless to take in and efficient in conveying the message to the employees. We use interactive elements and gamification to make the learning process more exciting.

One of the essential elements of the programme is Centili Forte monthly security training. It covers the important cybersecurity practices and empowers people to react in the safest way to scams, phishing attempts, and more. It enhances our culture of shared responsibility when it comes to managing cybersecurity. 

Following the industry standards such as GDPR and NIST, we measure and continuously improve our security posture. GDPR significantly increases obligations and responsibilities concerning how companies are collecting, using, and protecting personal data. 

As digital transformation accelerates, it becomes paramount for employees to stay vigilant, cultivate a cyber-resilient culture, and do that companywide. 

Threats constantly evolve, becoming more sophisticated. We understand we need to pay close attention to identifying and recognising the potential threats and baits and their harmful effects on business. 

Having spent more than 20 years in the industry as an IT professional, I have witnessed the rapid development of sophisticated cybersecurity attacks, finding it even more essential to work continually on its security.

The potential losses are not only financial, but they can also jeopardize the company’s reputation and trustworthiness. Initiating a programme to enhance our security is like building a robust and invincible fort, protecting our core business, and boosting customer confidence.

Investment in cybersecurity systems and processes such as Centili Forte is an essential part of a well-performing business with the unyielding trust of its customers.  

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