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Plus Poland - Direct Carrier Billing enabled


Centili Team


05 Dec 2018


London, UK | 5 December 2018  -  Digital merchants are now able to enable Direct Carrier Billing on Plus Poland through mobile payment platform company Centili.

DCB has a huge potential in Poland, as approximately 16% of population have a credit card enabled to pay online, whereas the percentage of smartphone owners is around 70% and is constantly rising. This means that most people accessing online content have no easy way to pay for it. Direct carrier billing resolves this issue by allowing each mobile phone owner (either prepaid or postpaid) to use its MNO subscription as an easy way of online payment.

Therefore, this partnership allows over 10.7 million Plus Poland subscribers to purchase digital goods by simply charging the mobile and online payments directly to their mobile phone bill. DCB, mostly used in App Stores, Dating, Social, Video / Music on demand and Gaming industries, enriches user payment experience and simplifies the processes offering a variety of options for the end-consumer.

Finally, it allows digital companies in need for mobile payments, an access to the most advanced technology offered by telecom companies. As a result, those digital companies don't have to be concerned with localization or legal compliance of the checkout flows since they are managed by Centili and localized to each country/market.