Company |News |Shenzhen team at ChinaJoy: Local knowledge is key to making headway in China

Shenzhen team at ChinaJoy: Local knowledge is key to making headway in China


Centili Team


07 Aug 2019


These days Centili team participated in ChinaJoy, the reputed gaming event held in Shanghai for the 17th year in a row. Having debuted there seven years ago, Centili is no stranger to ChinaJoy, which this year saw 364 thousand people attending over the course of four days.

Monetization of games remains a prominent topic in business circles, our knowledgeable Emma Zhang and Karin Liao reported from Shanghai, where they discussed mobile payments and carrier billing with game developers, publishers and payment aggregators from across China and South East Asia.

Developers and publishers of games are keen to understand how to improve monetization, both locally and internationally. Payout cycles and rates, payment experience and methods, security and coverage are all topics of interest. With myriads of methods and combinations available, it’s not always easy to cut though the noise and come to an understanding of the best possible mix.

Although game fans and individual visitors prevail in ChinaJoy, contributing most to the attendees count and filling halls with enthusiasm at the sight of new game releases, the event remains highly relevant in business negotiations, as well as in spotting trends and upcoming industry shifts. Although business exhibitors seemed fewer this year, located in three halls versus five and four halls in earlier years, there was no shortage of opportunities for networking and learning at the very heart of China’s gaming scene. For the international companies, there’s still a lot to overcome in order to make headway in China, and SEA in general. Time and again, local knowledge and local presence are proving key to understanding trends and business opportunities in China.

Centili China, led by the knowledgeable Emma Zhang, has been operating from their offices in Shenzhen for many years now. They support game developers and publishers as they implement monetization strategies and open new revenue streams.

Get in touch with Emma and Karin if you’d like to discuss how carrier billing can improve your monetization potential and revenues in China and SEA!