• September 21 2020 TO September 25 2020

    Innovation Week - 2020

    Given their respective experience in tech and baking, Marijana and Zoran will look into the transformative power of financial innovations. Their conversation is scheduled on Thursday 24th September, from 16:15 to 16:45. 

  • September 09 2020 TO September 09 2020

    Women in tech & leadership: 2020 State of the debate

    Centili Group CEO Zoran Vasiljev hosting Makeda Antoine-Cambridge and Anne Gro Gulla to look into the 2020 state of the debate about women in leadership and tech.

  • August 27 2020 TO August 30 2020

    Gamescom 2020

    Use the opportunity to meet and chat with our Lazar Pasajlic, Tijana Djordjevic, Dina Janevski Farcic, and Group CEO Zoran Vasiljev, business professionals with vast experience in providing digital monetization solutions globally.

  • June 23 2020 TO June 23 2020

    Centili Elevate20: Digital monetization in a post-corona world

    Join us to hear Jarvis Todd and Paul Skeldon, the knowledgeable duo behind the influential Telemedia news services and trade events, in a live session with our CEO Zoran Vasiljev.

  • April 13 2020 TO April 13 2020

    Centili Elevate20: Monetizing OTT Video

    Our Group CEO Zoran Vasiljev and his guest Christophe Hochart, co-founder at OONA TV, diving into the latest in OTT video streaming.

  • November 18 2019 TO November 19 2019

    Shift Money 2019

    Our developers and product experts Lazar Arsic, Filip Simceski and Aleksandar Drazic will be attending - get in touch if you’d like to speak with them!

  • August 20 2019 TO August 24 2019

    Gamescom 2019

    Meet with our Lazar Pasajlic, Adrian Cot and Rafal Nowak, professionals with vast experience in enabling monetization over carriers globally.

  • September 25 2019 TO September 26 2019

    Inside 2019

    Get in touch with our Nikola Volarevic, Aleksandar Drazic and Dragan Savic at Belgrade’s Inside conference.

  • August 02 2019 TO August 05 2019

    ChinaJoy 2019

    Schedule a meeting with our carrier billing experts Karin Liao and Emma Zhang and discuss your billing strategy. Looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai!