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Centili connects mobile operators and merchants, enabling them to seize the opportunity of mobile payments for digital and virtual goods. Our solutions and consultancy allow MNOs to benefit from global growth in carrier billing without the need for extra resources or investments.

cGate - High conversion DCB infrastructure for MNOs

cGate is designed to overcome the technical complexity of integration and onboarding, both for partners and MNOs. It is a complete, highly scalable solution that integrates with your system and provides an additional boost to network and staff resources.

  • In-house developed, proprietary solution, carefully crafted to meet operator demands.
  • cGate is flexible to adapt to operator needs, making full use of existing DCB resources.
  • Enabling faster time to market for new and existing services.
  • Utilise our full-scope of resources for cost reduction and client onboarding.
  • Full DCB partnerships with expert consultancy.
  • High-end secure flows for polished end-user experiences.

Your fully-flexible payments environment

You can cooperate with Centili on multiple layers, depending on your business needs. We speed up services rollout managing the full scope of your Direct Carrier Billing and boosting DCB capability.


At the start of our cooperation, we’re utilising your existing infrastructure to connect you to our platform. We connect over APIs/services/protocols you expose and create an influx of high-end payments traffic volumes, from our major clients to your network. Our extensive salesforce works tirelessly to bring in new merchant partners to the fold, ensuring constant revenue flows for mobile operators.

Platform management

Benefit from full-scope platform management, complete with an extensive set of functionalities to help monitor, bill and securely manage your payment services.

  • Payment flow control
  • Subscription management
  • Refund management
  • Revenue calculation per transaction
  • Charging limit control
  • Blacklist management

Front-end interfacing

Seamlessly connect your payment processes over easy-to-use interfaces for any type business logic. Offer mobile payment options without investing in front-end development and easily enable the best possible flows. With in-depth traffic analysis, real-time commerical changes monitoring and self-support for end users, this is the perfect way to tap into the mobile payments space.

For mobile network operators

  • Sales and reporting panel — Advanced management, partners and content administration interface, full merchant on-boarding control.
  • Support panel — Advanced management of subscriber transactions details per each partner/ service.

For merchants

  • Partner panel — a fully featured portal that enables Merchants to create and manage services, real time analytics and revenue monitoring.
  • Payment page — the most convenient interface to integrate operator billing, covering all the payment flows supported by operators.
  • Payment libraries — our SDKs offers a universal mobile checkout, making possible your app monetisation by selling in app digital content.
  • Payment API — enabling server–to–server integration, it supports all payment flows with support for single transactions and subscriptions.

For end users

  • Customer-care portal — white-labeled portal for subscribers, enables them to track down every purchase they have ever made.

Operational services

Enrich your service portfolio, get partners on board quickly and effectively with minimum investment from your side. We take care of account management, billing and invoicing, making your payments business from the ground up.

  • Merchant onboarding and integration — Our tech teams are on hand to provide quick and reliable content provider integration.
  • Second line support — Dedicated support team providing unprecedented 24/7 support in 10 different languages.
  • Consultancy and development — Continuous product development along with our expert consultancy result in an optimised services roll-out and a steady stream of new features.
  • Monitoring & Quality Assurance — Dedicated quality assurance
    teams are working around the clock to provide the highest security standards.
  • Account management — With dedicated Account Manager, we’ll take care that services are being approved, integrated and launched in shortest time possible.
  • Client acquisition - Our global sales force is constantly bringing in new merchants, developers, app stores, and other payment aggregators giving you a regular influx of additional content.

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