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Open new revenue streams on your network

Try our digital monetisation platform for telco operators and enterprises. We promise you won't look back.

The number of digital content providers is increasing, and the whole ecosystem is getting more complex. Do you feel the pressure?

Do you have the proper tech to deliver in the online world?
Striving to increase data usage and revenues?
Losing brand relevance against lean digital companies?
Finding it complex and slow to onboard and integrate digital services?
We invested 10 years in building a winning formula for telcos and enterprises
Provide a safe, fast, and long-term growth for your business

Centili Maestro is a managed service platform connecting you with premium digital products and enabling frictionless ecosystem orchestration, monetisation, and management.

It is a cloud-based service which enables frictionless digital experiences. Our highly scalable solution leans on your existing systems. With seamless and quick integration, it ensures short deployment time and highest security standards.

The only thing you need is one platform

What Centili Maestro brings

You will gain competitive advantage by adding value to your everyday offer and improve stickiness and retention of your clients.
Enjoy our comprehensive reporting and support
  • Monitoring end-user transactions and interactions within the digital ecosystem
  • Full visibility and control of end-user subscriptions and subscription services
  • Revenue overview
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Rely on the 24/7 Centili team's support

The winning formula

Flexible and modular, our platform offers special features to maximize your monetisation potential

Digital bundling platform

Centili Fusion integrates both your local digital partners and our large merchant portfolio. Discover our soft bundling, hard bundling, data gifting and much more.

Conversational commerce

Reach and engage your users via their preferred communication channel, and enable purchases within that same conversation flow.


Branded or white labelled, our content marketplace comes abundant with digital services your users will love.

Check Centili Maestro in practice

Why do teams choose Centili?

21st Century Technologies

Working with Centili has allowed us to build the most compelling aggregator platform in Nigeria. The partnership sees both companies creating digital services that will revolutionise everything from online retail to gaming, logistics to financial services, e-commerce to entertainment, and the solution propelled 21st Century Technologies to become the number-one aggregator VAS business operator on the continent. We sincerely believe our activities will move Africa’s digital economy towards a new era, with the internet and data at its heart.

Case Study

NOS and Centili shaping the carrier billing ecosystem

Portugal based telco and entertainment group faced the challenge of staying on top of the carrier billing opportunity. With Centili Maestro integration they established and managed a more transparent carrier billing ecosystem, better suited to their demands in customer centricity and subscriber satisfaction.

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