Open new monetization streams on your network.

Platforms and partnerships for sustainable, long term carrier billing revenues.

Centili Maestro

Digital monetization platform for telco operators and aggregators

Centili Maestro is a digital business platform for ecosystem orchestration, monetization and management.

It is a cloud-based service which enables frictionless digital experiences for telco users. It simplifies partnerships, opens additional revenue streams and helps telcos utilize the data they possess. Our highly scalable solution leans on telco's existing systems and doesn't require an invasive integration, ensuring short deployment time and highest security standards.

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User experience

Utilize the most advanced billing technology and high-end secure flows, resulting in unrivaled payment experience and higher conversion rates for your users.

Shorter time to market

Enabling flexibility and faster launches for existing and new services.


Boost your revenues with expert Centili consultancy and wide-ranging industry experience.

Features & Services

Platform management

Extensive set of functionalities that provide full control and visibility over digital revenue streams. Easily manage bundling and carrier billing partnerships. Use the self-care portal to handle complaints, refunds, blacklisting and limits. Integrate anti-fraud solutions and alerting to be safe and secure. Use revenue data and analytics dashboard for smart decisions and further growth.

Front-end interfacing

Seamlessly connect your payment processes over easy-to-use interfaces for any type of business logic. Offer mobile payment options without investing in front-end development and enable the best possible flows easily. With an in-depth traffic and transaction analysis, real-time commercial changes monitoring, partner onboarding management and self-support for end users, this is the perfect way to tap into the mobile payments space.

Operational services

Get partners on board quickly and safely. We provide merchant integration, second line support, quality assurance and dedicated account management. Our continuous product development and client acquisitions provide a steady stream of new content.

Let’s discuss direct carrier billing opportunities for your network.

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