Company |News |Music Service Stingray Joins Forces with Centili to Unlock Placement and Monetisation Opportunities

Music Service Stingray Joins Forces with Centili to Unlock Placement and Monetisation Opportunities


Centili Marketing


01 Dec 2021

London, UK, 1 December 2021 – Digital monetisation company Centili has signed a partnership with the Montreal-based Stingray, a leading music, media and technology company reaching 400 million subscribers in 160 countries.

Under the agreement, three of Stingray mobile services – Stingray Music, Qello Concerts by Stingray and Stingray Karaoke - will be available via Centili Maestro Storefront, i.e., offered for purchase to subscribers of MNOs that have integrated with Centili Maestro Storefront.

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“We are excited about our partnership with Centili, and we are thrilled to extend our reach towards music fans even further, using a powerful telco channel which Centili has operated for more than a decade,” said David Purdy, Chief Revenue Officer of Stingray. Our ongoing mission is to find and launch new ways of meeting the needs of consumers of streaming services around the globe. With a platform like this, we believe we can make music more accessible than ever before.”

Centili Maestro Storefront is a content marketplace built on Centili’s decade-long technical and commercial experience in digital monetisation. It comes preloaded with premium content. Mobile network operators plug it into their self-care apps or websites quickly and efficiently to expand their digital portfolio. At the same time, it unlocks a powerful distribution channel for digital content providers. Centili Maestro Storefront takes care of transactions via its advanced billing engine while enabling mobile subscribers to activate services. The solution is customisable, flexible, and scalable, supporting several integration methods.

“We are honoured to see a renowned brand like Stingray recognise our Storefront as a growth opportunity. As we change the game in the delivery and monetisation of digital goods and services, we look forward to building seamless discovery journeys together. Our mission is to make it easy for mobile subscribers to activate and use music, movies, e-learning, games, and other types of content on their mobile devices”, said Centili Group CEO Zoran Vasiljev.

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Montreal-based Stingray (TSX: RAY.A; RAY.B) is a leading global music, media, and technology company with over 1,000 employees worldwide. Stingray is a premium provider of curated direct-to-consumer and B2B services, including audio television channels, over 100 radio stations, SVOD content, 4K UHD television channels, FAST channels, karaoke products, digital signage, in-store music, and music apps, which have been downloaded over 160 million times. Stingray reaches 400 million subscribers (or users) in 160 countries. For more information:

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